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How to Prepare for the Appalachian Trail

Whether you're embarking on an Appalachian Trail thru-hike or section hike, nutrition, gear, route and season are topics you'll likely research most so here is quick info to put you on the right track. Nutrition Hiking the Appalachian Trail demands health and stamina. Here enters nutrition. Your main concerns in the food department will be “what to eat?” “how much to eat?” and “where to re-stock?” Here are some quick answers. What to Eat? Protein! Protein is vital so follow this simple rule. Don’tGetLoveSick No, that’s not the rule. It’s an acronym for Dairy, Grain, Legumes, Seeds. This is called the “Nutritional N” (see Rick Curtis’s “The Backpacker’s Field Manual” pp. 68-69 for more). It explains how to get complete proteins (as opposed...

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Utah Winter Hike (Mount Olympus Snowshoeing!)

Snow is beginning to fall here in Utah So I'm thinking of snowshoeing. Here is a nice panorama I took last year atop Mount Olympus just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. This is an excellent hike most of the year. The winter doesn't necessarily prevent you from hiking here. However, it's not really doable Dec. - Feb. unless you're up for an adventure and soggy pant legs. I say take: 1) solid hiking boots 2) Yaktrax for the lower half 3) snowshoes for the upper half and 4) a backpack for storing your layers. You won't want a winter coat till you're nearly at the saddle before you summit the rocky peak.  

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GoPro Grand Canyon

South Rim Winter hike. I'm preparing for a winter hike (New Year's Eve in fact) in the South Rim with some friends so I thought I'd get a GoPro taste of the trail. Looking forward to sporting my GC tee here. I think it will be covered with a jacket till we reach the bottom :)  

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